Respect the Pullover

One thing that remains a absolute cult favorite and justifiably so is the attachment many Old Schoolers’ have for the Nautilus Pullover machine which has developed a mystique for its role as a core element in some of the sports greatest backs namely Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.

Pullover and Pulldown combo!

If you can locate a Old School gym with some of the early Nautilus pieces especially the “combo” units you will absolutely be able to minimize transition time in the pre exhaustion sequences .

Preexhaust, as the name implies, is pre-fatiguing or pre-tiring a certain muscle of a body part (e.g., chest, legs, deltoids) using an isolation or “single-joint” exercise first and then finishing with one or two compound or “multiple-joint” movement(s).

In the case of the Lats this comes from a brutal super set of Nautilus Pullovers to Underhand Lat Pull down (Both to momentary muscular failure or beyond)

Next post I will dig into what momentary muscular failure looks like, why this program more than any requires a training partner and some of the intensification techniques to pull out periodically.

As for workout 2 Tuesday/Friday:


  1. Nautilus Pullovers
  2. Close grip underhand Pulldowns (2 cycles to Failure)
  3. One arm Rows ( Strict and to Failure)

Traps: ( Often trainers use the term BACK for the entire posterior – WRONG! ..The Traps as the illustration shows are a major muscle group with a entirely separate movement pattern than Lats.


  1. Dumbell or Nautilus Shrugs
  2. Upright Rows 2 supersets to Failure


  1. Side Lateral raises (Strict)
  2. Shoulder Press ( Strict) 2 superset cycles with rep ranges 10-15 to Failure
  3. Rear deltoid laterals 2 sets to failure ( 10-15 repetitions)


  1. Preferred Curl (for me it is Standing alternate dumbell curls) Reps 8-12 superseted with
  2. Close grip Chin ups (Once 8 strict repetitions are able to be performed with body weight add additional poundages) 2 supersets

If you cannot perform a strict Chinup following curls, jump into contacted position- Hold and control superslow eccentric lowering for 4-6 reps

Til next time!






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