How many decisions and actions are truthfully linked to where we desire to go?

i.e. our Goal?

As I cross the country after a California work trip I cannot help but think

Not about summary’s or actionable details but more importantly regarding honesty – each of our own Truths

How many decisions do I make based on reaching my destination

Even more importantly What is my Goal?

The big one?

Then the stepping stones, benchmarks along the way?

Would anyone begin a cross country drive without a map or the address of where they wish to arrive?

Wouldn’t this allow us to plan reaching state lines and necessary stops along the way?

And even with these plans we still should be ready for the unexpected I.e. opportunities to arise which can also be setbacks.

So why do we make decisions based so haphazardly?

Each appeasement potentially takes us more off course

And wastes more of the fuel in our tank

There is a reason why Tony Robbins, the late Zig Ziglar and every worthwhile highly successful human places so much weight on GOALS and what we each intend to stand for

Because it matters

Because it’s always about being hyper Focused

Because the alternative is a anxiety ridden existence of indecision that comes with a large dose of not mattering

So stop appeasing people and employers

Start standing for Principles

Start realizing that like the lottery Slogan says “you’ve gotta play to win ”

And as Tony Robbins says “You must Believe it before you can achieve it”

The good thing is there isn’t a right or wrong answer

The bad thing is the resistance is going to do its best to kick our ass




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