Getting cerebral

Self induced anxiety

Yeah, that’s my style! Lol

Not really but the net result actually

So let’s get real

There are some things spinning in my dome that should be addressed

First and foremost is what is it precisely that I want, i.e. Goals?

What are the goals and results that matter truly to me?

Not as simple as it seems because every time I think I have it-the next qualifying question is Why? And is it really something I want or is it to impress and influence status or preserve status ?

So this has to be about simplicity because the fact is there are limitations

As long as we have not successfully added hours to the day we are restricted by 24 hours.

Initially my journey must start with identifying what matters

Initially moving forward means cleaning house👊and Eliminating what ultimately does not matter to our achievement of our True Goals

Not what matters to others,the tribe, employers, but what matters to each of us. Just US

So as I lay in front of the seasons first warm fire alongside my daughter as she slumbers I ask myself What Matters? What is the Goal? What would the perfect day(s) look like? Consist of? And what is the change I seek to create?

Something I embraced years ago as part of Renegade training which Coach Davies spoke of with utmost importance , that we condition ourselves in life to not endure CHAOS but to lie in wait of it. To act, to go on the offense in CHAOS that was at the core of the Renegade wheel of conditioning

That unbeknownst to me was the description of being AntiFragile

As a bodybuilder I was a artist, a sculptor however I began to realize that what I sculpted was fragile and would never withstand CHAOS

I learned this through exposure to my closest friends enrollment in the military and seeing first hand that training as we do so often in fitness makes us visually stronger but not really.

Just take a competitive bodybuilder as I was and take away their supplements , skip meals, put them in a unstable environment and just see what happens

– weight loss of dramatic proportions

– major drop in strength

– cognitive drop effecting focus

– immunity drop off

Back then I started to ask questions

These questions haunt me now and require this initiative

So where to start

Start at focusing on these targets below

Thats stage 1

– Intermittent Fasting as a 20/4 split

– limiting and restricting sugars but initially not quality carbs

– basic training –

Day1- body weight and kettlebell

Day 2- Mobility and metabolic work

Day 3- recovery I.e. yoga

Daily meditation is as integral as training for me with hypertension becoming a concern

Daily sleep at minimum 7 hours becoming a focus as well

So I shall begin. In many ways I already have begun. It’s my life. So when friends ask will I ever be onstage again

The answer is I know absolutely I can however I know with fair certainty that it would not be for me, would not be for my family so it would not be

So no

I’d rather creep while they sleep

Stronger Faster leaner healthier and waiting for the moment CHAOS comes

It always does




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