Knowledge vs Belief

I am closing in quickly on year 47

lately I find myself scrambling for meaning and desperate for that one thing.

I find that in my life it is time to put my knowledge to the test. What good is all the reading, blogging and discussing if when put to the test we do not Believe?

So for me it means a refresh,

for me that means Focus

for me that means deletion on anything non essential

Its about getting very real

Simplicity matters, that is for certain

detachment from emotions matters big time too

selfishness matters too, despite what we are told, taking care of self does matter

I am going to blog this journey for myself as a open journal because if I am going through trials and tribulations I am certain somebody else is as well and perhaps I can help then too, or more than likely they can help me.

Think of all the facts you understand, buy into but truly if tested do not believe…how do you fare on this?






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