Yesterday- today- tomorrow

Looking back…

Versions of oneself

Over time

Highs and lows

Fears and aspirations

Hopes and dreams

Anxiety and calm

Love and hate

Smiles and tears

What makes up a life

It isn’t a sprint

It is a marathon

It isn’t speed

It is the perpetual accumulation of knowledge

It is the calm

It is picking your shot

It is acceptance in the fact that it’s a Infinite game

Not finite

It is ultimately about minimizing complexity and optionality with intent

It is about calm in chaos

It is about less is more

It is about the mere word Intent, doing things with intention

Caring about what matters

Not caring about what does not

It is about love

It is not about infatuation

It is about reality

It is not about delusions

It is about focus

About flow

It is about accepting

It is about respecting

It is always about mattering

Not to everyone

Never to everyone

But to really put ourself on the line for someone

It is ultimately about courage

It always come down to Faith

Just a morning ramble

Turns out all this strings together

Makes memories

Makes a life

When we stop

Take a breathe

Look around

The whole thing is pretty damn amazing isn’t it

So what is the string you’ll attach today?

Nothing but luv


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A fashion myself the Anomaly. 20 plus years deeply invested in the pursuit of advanced human performance. 1/2 Strategic Sales and 1/2 Marketing Visionary, 100% Growth Mindset. So whats your Story? It matters!

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