losing the inclination for complexity

Lets get straight to the point. Lets be Execution driven.

What we must accept is there a several key necessary pieces even to the Simplicity Matrix,

Growth Mindset- the place everything is layered atop of. We need to be truly all in with acceptance and enrollment in the Quest for continual progress.

Self Awareness- Knowing WHO we are today, what we are and what we are not. It helps remove the pressures of having to be the Swiss army knife professional, it is accepting the Growth Mindset and fact that with it comes the empowering belief that we are never done.

Discipline- Which truly = Freedom. The amydyla, the Lizard, the resistance is a Con artist and will absolutely do anything in its power to derail our best work. At the core are habits. Habits we have to relentlessly choose the create or idle time will create them for us. There is a absoluteness to embracing the fact that time IS and we must get comfortable with the Un comfortable IF we want to become great at things that matter. The 4:30 roll call by Jocko Willink is Truth- Blunt Truth- Get out of bed – MOVE, START because that Lizard likes warm covers and sleeping in.

under Discipline is the Habits we choose- Pick them well and most importantly is align them with Goals- Short term and Long Term.

Stop worrying what opinions others will have of you

Stop worrying about what they will say


Realize much of our “normal” life does not want us to do this work

much of the normal is aligned with keeping us exactly where we are

We must realize this and Focus because we get to choose


In honor of the pursuit of Simplicity lets embrace Brutal honesty

Thats my goal for this week- because who are we helping when we kick the can down the line?

Lets set up a target- Knock it down and repeat

Lets have a great Monday!





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