The cost is Not the price

“Free is too expensive if something is not wanted”

Seth Godin

I see paralysis in many forms everyday, and for years

Most often from people with the best intentions

Most of the time it is a lesson of being hung up on


So when making a decision that impacts everything your client sets out to do

Is it best to appease them with a easily accepted PRICE


Is it always in our best interest as professionals and theirs as a brand to accept their will be more likely a lot of carnage at times in the form of Sunk Costs

Is it best to argue for the Premium Price expense which hurts at point of acceptance

But is where the Upside seems to truly be

Lots of questions

No clear answers as one size fits all

Only for sure thing is nobody has the cheat sheet,the map

It is in uncertainty that opportunities live

Let’s all live on the edge

Go make a Ruckus




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