Let the fun begin -Day 1

So I have stopped putting off the work of a extended water fast and have jumped in Sunday evening following a “carby” fusilli and homemade meatballs , fresh baguette and a awesome blueberry muffin ( the muffin was very delicious as Carmella will attest to 😊).

So Day 1- easy. Woke up 4:25 am

Water- #liverubin #FlexiQule @alchemlife

Train- 2 kettlebell swing “clusters” 10/15/25/50 with 65lb bell

Ring Chin ups ( which was best training purchase ever under $40 that saved my tendons)

1 side racked KB front squats 4x 5 with pauses

10 minutes planks and bridges and a 10 minute walk with Maximus

Post workout meal – lol , did I almost fool anyone? Yep H2O post

Allowing myself (2) black coffee a day

I’m planning some outdoor cardio later after work

The obvious benefits for immune system refresh are undeniable and definite

The empowerment of freedom from one big emotional vice is even as significant to me

Let’s get it!

Is anybody else in fasting mode?

Does anyone else have questions or some feedback?

Would love it


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