There is a funny thing about destinations

There is a funny thing about Maps

Turns out they may get a bad wrap

Turns out we need them

Turns out that they get looped into paralysis by analysis

Over Planning

Over Thrashing

and so the story goes

But what IF

What IF its never about overdoing but contrarily all about UNDER executing

and maybe its not that we as professionals ever intend on producing sub par work

Maybe we just take on Too Much!

Less IS MORE but only if the Less is executed with Intent

So I am pressing myself

I am holding myself to lead by example

It begins with Discipline, Focus, Intent, Execution

it simply cannot be quantity & quality

Its about Focused execution

so I am lobbying that its not about the latest organizational tool and not about cramming more tasks into the day

Its about the balance of Focused execution and Creativity thats inspired

and picking because we cannot ever expect to get em all





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