Not such a lonely number


By itself a lonely number


But 1+1

Different story

1+1=a connection


Day by day

Drip by drip

We are generally bad at conceptualizing the daily incremental

We most often are completely into the instant

The what can I nail down right now


And some see the vision

Some see that oasis

But then then stairs to the dream- no

Every day is a opportunity to Focus

Focus on One Thing


Then move to the next One Thing


Seems like the noisy promise making crew are out of the sight line and into success

But that’s fine

Drip by drip

Day by day

Not a sprint

Be the turtle

With intent

With focus

With clarity

Momentum will become your friend

Just in the beginning it takes trust in the process

That’s the hard part

That’s where self awareness and self confidence matters

Less noise

More focus

You may be ridiculed in the short run

But remember it’s Always about the Long Run

It’s always about real impact

It’s always about creating change

So develop your DISCIPLINE

– wake up early

– learn something everyday

– learn to listen

-choose SIMPLICITY over attempts to organize more

– when scared do it anyway

Do the Right things because that is alway the right thing



Eat clean


Pause everyday and reflect



Make your legacy

It’s ok if you beat me today

Because I’m in a Infinite Game

Go now. do

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