I need YOU

As I have eagerly and anxiously move forward

Half steps and shuffles at the start but nonetheless forward

In beginning

In Shipping

The t2experiment


To follow some direction here

WHO is it for?

The answer in short is people like me, people that are damaged but awakened. People pursuing optimization of the human experience. People seeking not the factory default back to the coma of the Matrix but instead willing to dive passionately down rabbit holes in pursuit of the one thing!

All of this through Mind, spirit,Body,

I also would like to make this a place to showcase some remarkable stories and brands

I think as a professional it is the way I can help these innovators and artists tell their best story and have some fun in the meantime

I always wanted to share the conversations , the inspirational people I have been so very lucky to call friends, the passion with people who would like to join in. Now I am doing it so wish me luck and forgive me for starting too soon or without being polished. Just please join in because that’s what creates community.

Tommaso t2




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