No stone unturned

I’ve lived with the anguish

We can theoretically reach them all

So let’s get them all

Let’s start with a notion

Let’s see the potential

Then they mess it all up

There’s zero patience

They All say they are patient, diligent, long game minded

And then in the boxing match of business the bell rings “Ding”

What do these tacticians then do??

Haymaker after Haymaker after you guessed it HAYMAKER

then when then are hunched over and panting – lights out!

But it doesn’t have to be this way

Create a story that matters- JAB

Create relevant content that’s worth clicking on – JAB

Engage in direct sales- exclusive velvet rope offers – JAB

Be extremely selective in where you partner with retail and thoroughly network and add more value than a sale -JAB

Scale sensibly- repeat- listen- engage-RIGHT HOOK





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