The PRO , the work that Matters and appeasement

Timeless is the manifesto “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore

“The consequences of being sales driven during the chasm period are, to put it simply, fatal”

“Trying to cross the chasm without taking a niche market approach is like trying to light a fire without kindling”

Almost dare I simplistic in theory however crippling in execution to so many

I can confidently state this because I have lived this

The innovators or Marketers nightmare

” giving THEM what they want” because we realize what they WANT isn’t often what they NEED

It’s not the work that Matters

It’s a nightmare because it’s really uncertain

It’s a nightmare because it’s a admission of abandonment of the long game vision

It’s seeking security today at the peril of tomorrow

What is the response? The professionals response?

No judgements , it’s not a easy situation

But finding away

Away to be really specific

Often I believe we layer in paralysis

That’s not my intention

Execution is a constant

The for who

The for what

That’s where we make it Very personal. We #StartwithWHY

Start with WHY


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A fashion myself the Anomaly. 20 plus years deeply invested in the pursuit of advanced human performance. 1/2 Strategic Sales and 1/2 Marketing Visionary, 100% Growth Mindset. So whats your Story? It matters!

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