Laser Focus on Impact

Simplicity not organization




Most of all Impact.

I have been on a quest for something that spans back now to 2014. In my quest I embrace the role of lifelong student. I have attempted to achieve maximum impact, maximum results through massive self inventory, massive attempts to organize. They each have fallen short. Actually, even worse they have in many instances added stress, anxiety and second guessing.

I believe the following TED talk truly strikes a relevant cord

“>The Paradox of choice

So that brings me to today. Simplicity.

For the next 40 days;

4:45am UP everyday

15 minutes and then Start!

No Gym

No Fancy equipment

No variation

Simplicity- Real Focus on Impact

1 Hour

15 minutes- Mobility work

15 minutes of (4) KB Swing, Goblet Squat, Ring Chinups, Pushups

15 minutes GPP

15 minutes Meditative practice



Yes Everyday

Followed by 30 minutes of creative writing

Shower and Start, NO- Sieze the day- everyday!


Intermittent Fasting/ Fasting/ Keto and Sunday refeeds all to be detailed in coming posts!

Time for some sleep for now!


44 Days Of Impact , Who is IN?img_0512



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