That velvet rope again

The Velvet Rope


  1. Start- What is the Change we seek to create?

For whom?

Develop 2 Personas within this group

What are there wants?

What are their needs?

What do the fear?

What inspires them?

What is their story they tell themselves about money?


  1. Social Media- “Practicioners approach”

What are the channels/ the “places” the people “tribe” we seek to earn trust from show up on?

NOT where we want to spend “Spam” people

Spend tireless hours digging and sifting and TALKING, ENGAGING…ADDING VALUE

  1. Groups – enroll- then contribute generously
  2. Thought leaders- Start/Spark a dialogue..
  3. Post- show up regularly but respect highly the TIME and the scarcity of it from those we seek to serve – No Memes, No auto posts, no borrowed spam content


  • Create “Clickable” content from Within

Since this is always about earning Trust and forging a truthful, generous relationship WHY would we pay a content “mercenary”?

Internal development of a brand identity start with the Culture we ourselves must take ownership of.

Note- this in my opinion is exactly why unfunded start ups often see much more initial successes that highly capitalized corporations. If we seek Trust, If we seek bonding we need to seek and strive for doing the work internally through Culture.

Why sponsor a Podcast? Start one

Why pay content writers? You have them already! Take away the busy work and allow “Creative” expressions and embrace it.


  1. The Tough part

The most difficult part is that everyone claims to be patient in words

Few exhibit patience in actions.

In the connection economy the way we communicate with our tribe has shifted 180 degrees,

Also the way we transact has gone 180 degrees also ( this is the part that possesses the greatest opportunity presently)

If a brand can reach its Tribe without the traditional dependence on Distribution and Brick& Mortar retail WHY aren’t they?

Answer- They truly invested, forward thinking ARE!

They are creating a experience

  • Special Enrollment packages and offers only available through a relationship with the brand directly
  • “Kitting” that includes “Collison’s” with aligned brands or offers that provide immense added value to our Tribe ( Such as Life extension’s Blood testing kits, Apparel with Ghost nutrition- Extras that are truly aligned and wanted)
  • A caring brand needs to create a direct line to the Tribe – No Iron clad terms & conditions ( would you do that with a best friend?), No spam auto response emails, newsletter, etc- every detail should provide a level of PROOF of WHY we deserve TRUST
  • Repeat Daily- and always be mindful of WHO IT IS FOR.
  1. Amazon

We are living in the #ConnectionEconomy and for brands in the USA market we are not in need of more. The true opportunities lie within getting really granular with who its for.

Living on the LONG TAIL is why Amazon matters- limitless variety

UX is why Amazon matters- Brands say they believe but while they toil away wasting resources on a archaic retail structure, only prolonging the demise through wasted funding- There are amazing brands building amazing stories all never looking at “shelves”.

The statement of a mentor and brilliant friend with a life of success is “You must realize that until you have a Brand, a Brand identity and earn Trust any wholesale or distribution you commit to is fooling yourself on a really risky gamble”

This is not disgarding all potential wholesale opportunity through the traditional, contrary, this is a statement that IF you seek a wholesale or distribution partner as a brand you should be directed to them by demand from community NOT the panic to reach sales or points of distribution –

Long Game >Shortcuts Always1


Please open some dialogue around this and know that its how we all learn






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