I seek to help the passionate, caring and invested people and companies find the people they seek to serve and realize that their power in this connection economy is NOT in quantity of connections but rather in the Quality found within generous connection and that is at best a deep emotional exchange.

I seek to help them see that it is a absolute privilege to earn the trust and attention of someone and with that , in every action, every single action we should never take this lighyly.

That when THEY, say in their actions “I trust you” , we must embrace that and say thank you , we wont let you down.

The goal is understanding this and helping others seeking to create a change to understand this also.

Change for the better

Embracing the tension that will come along with going against the status quo
Knowing that this might fail and thats ok
because the status quo is broken and many need someone to lead, so why not I?
So here is to Change
Here is to embracing tension and waltzing with that old friend the lizard.
after all, we know he will always be there so might as well teach him some steps!
Ruckus ON y’all!


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