1a the act or fact of intending purposeespecially the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act 

  • admitted wounding him with intent
 the state of mind with which an act is done : volition
 a usually clearly formulated or planned intention : aim 


 the power of choosing or determining : will
 an act of making a choice or decision; also : a choice or decision made

In 2018 Live with a sense of urgency.

In 2018 Embrace ability to identify bullshit
In 2018 I am jumping through my skin
In 2018 there has never been a better time to deliver value……with INTENT
because its FOR them we seek to serve
and with Volition because its deliberate and planned
Probably the greatest skill I need to develop is discarding the unimportant  , It is not  about width…Its always about DEPTH.
Its not about hours logged, it is about Impact and Value created
and with that its also about being very real with myself
Let me clarify ..I do believe we miss so much opportunity when we look past the set of eyeballs across from us at any given moment.
I believe we lose when we attempt to hack, shortcut, game the system because the system is really a person
I believe that saying the right thing is much different than actually doing the right thing.
I want to take this yoke on
My alumni group in @AltMBA has a #30daychallenge group with some awesome friends in it.
what I am looking at this evening is
348 Days
8357 Hours
501437 Minutes
30086230 seconds
I am not doing this for approval
I am not doing this for show
I am doing this to win. I believe as @Garyvee says you either have pessimistic, “Loser” DNA or Optimistic ,”Winner” DNA…..Here goes..
I believe people are for the majority good
I believe so many are holding themselves back through inner narratives
I believe we all need to kick our own asses and be real with ourselves
I believe ANYONE can do awesome things that make a difference
I believe TRULY that social media and internet posses BOTH the ultimate tool to climb out of your rut and also on the other side the ultimate means to waste idly ones life.
I believe I have something I NEED to give
I believe we all have Fears
I believe the key is never accepting limitations
I believe this will be my year
I believe


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