Awareness campaign or Trust mission?

Quite possibly, actually most likely you do not have a awareness issues- you have a TRUST issue….

I have been there myself, Its a awareness issue. We need to create awareness! When the see whats on offer, how special we are, all of our features & benefits they will have to pick us! wont they?
and each time we have gotten it all completely wrong!
It is not that they don’t know about you. Its that they have unlimited selection, they have a entitled choice. WHY should they pick you? oh, sure, spend more, throw money at hacking the system. That just might work however most likely it shall not.
Because when they do not trust you, or whats on offer, spending more and more to bypass steps, to hack does not help- it hurts. it is not a display of caring more and of honest and generous connection. Its a con. a trick.
This is the reason I love Seth and Derek Sivers so much. Look at everything you do, everything and ask how is this creating a remarkable user experience? If its not then its not worth doing!
Every word on your website should be inviting and engaging.
Every social posting comment should be organically replied to.
If you do Everything for that specific person you seek to serve you have a chance.I love when Seth states to seek the SMALLEST group and OVERWHELM them. Overwhelm them with Empathy, generosity and quite honestly just the desire to serve them. Them we have a start
a start to earning the Trust to build upon






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