Understanding “them” dictates everything

In the world in which I call home to my exciting career I have the extreme privilege of helping remarkable people (brands) communicate their best story. That is when I am successful. To tell their best story the other side of that equation needs to be completed as , to their intended community in a manner that reflects honest empathy, generosity and care.

How does this at all have relation towards this prompt of the Marketing Seminar you ask?

In the brand- the deliverable, and how the intended conceptualize this need or want

Solution based clinical formulations – Existential Need

The story the intended community is telling themselves is lined with a urgent need to find results to a problem

A prime example comes in a clinical tested Prostate formulation- the consumer seeking this is primarily interested in one thing- Addressing a health/ life threatening concern

This completely differs from a men’s prostate product designed with a holistic natural lifestyle brand approach.

It differs in the story the intended are narrating to themselves but also in being very real about the Where we need to meet them to deliver our message.

It really changes so much understanding who it’s for and how they perceive the need or want

A 51 year old male with elevated BPI is telling himself a completely different story when he scours Amazon reviews or Reddit for clinical Prostate supplements than a healthy lifestyle 51 year old looking for one simply to add to his daily care toolkit. NEED vs want completely






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