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Call them “1st world problems”, This lesson from The Marketing Seminar really has a revealing potential for us students “if” we allow it to spark reflection.
“people like us do things like this” and “would they miss you if you were gone”, these are great lines however they carry along with them a great weight of responsibility.

A responsibility we enrolled for, that never ends.

It is the greatest time to be alive and many more than ever of us are perplexed, depressed, scared, and confused.

Barry Schwartz hits a home run that fits this lesson perfectly in my humble opinion

This directly impacts the work we do
This directly shifts what we as marketers, as brand strategists away ( far away) from Basic NEED and foundation to Specific WANTS and that changes everything!
You cannot pick them all so be specific, your selection matters, who you seek to deliver to and for matters

When there was only one Protein bar it did not matter if the flavor was Chocolate only.
When there was some selection it matter a bit more
Today, In the long tail economy it matters very much, everything matters
so what are you going to do?
I am going to dig deeper into WHO I am
What Inspires me
Personal Brand
Then align generously with my Peeps
Then align them with folks doing SHIT we will LOVE
It Matters…






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