Are we listening?

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

What does this person believe that you don’t believe? It becomes extremely important in the work we do as change creators to realize each and every situation poses a unique perspective and set of beliefs which we need to understand.
What do they see that you don’t see? This may be the toughest question because we can never truly know until they trust us enough to allow us to see what exactly it is they see through there “eyes”.
What do they want that you don’t want? They want quite simply the least amount of change. The least amount of hassle. The least amount of stress. They might honestly see the solution we have on offer and not want the change associated with even a clear positive change. We often forget that even a benefit that is believed still requires enrollment in change and change is never easy.
What do they care about that you don’t care about? They ultimately care about how is this going to help their business, their life, and all the fluff, external causes etc are nice once they have enrolled on the journey- until then we are talking to ourselves
It is so urgently important that we truly understand the impact that Empathy has on our work.
We never totally know everything but we can try.
We never face their challenges but we can really try to.
Putting them first in a honest manner, asking the questions and listening to the answers even when the answers are not in any way what we want to hear is empathy.
It might mean this attempt to serve is “No Dice” but in that apparent flop might be the start of the trust to return with something they will recognize, something they want, something listening exposed for you and your efforts to serve.
Caring is never a bad idea.
take away the complications. create real value and enroll them on the journey. after all, isn’t it about them?







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