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I am going through “The Marketing Seminar” for the second time and as a extra exercise am posting the prompt answers to my blog here also.

Anyone who wishes to engage and discuss any particular posting I would really love that since its only through dialogue and learning to be gain new insights!

Anyhow, Thank you 🙂

This second time around or quite honestly the third has driven me deeper into the questions. The answers no longer being after a prompt. The answers being no longer about a particular brand, product or pitch. The product has become “me”. I sat and watched the video, read the text sitting today in a quite cafe in central Philadelphia. I really want this sprint through the marketing seminar to be special to me. We have until the new years ball drops essentially to go through the lessons and really and truly be honest with ourselves. I know that since I began this journey in the altMBA 6 ( August 2016) I have undertaken a journey. I type this today feeling that yet another layer has been peeled from the onion, as if I am finally digging into real answers.
What is the promise I offer? “Identity & connection”, this varies from customer to customer based on size and situation. What I refer to is that a big brand or established entity is faced with sometimes a entirely different path than a extremely connected and remarkable start up with zero know how to advance and scale. Both scenarios while very different on the surface ideally seek to achieve the same outcome. That is the promise I offer as a change catalyst. That is the promise, To help them tell their best story.
How specific is the promise that I am making? This is where things get dicey. It in some instances is difficult to quantify with # or $ the change being created. Often the opposite of what one would think is the initial measurable impact:
Often its more difficult with the bigger more complex and better funded since a big ship steers much more slowly than a Donzi speed boat for example. A small very connected remarkable brand can be strategically scaled, growing the culture much more quickly and thus exhibiting the rewards much faster in many instances than a large and very well funded or established brand which requires Patience and the strength to do whats right for the grand vision not a impulse quick fix.
What Promise am I willing to keep? The promise In am as a professional willing to keep is that I will not let them off the hook from doing what is right. From doing the hard part and earning the trust required. I as a professional must be always ready to protect them from their greatest adversary- themselves. I must promise to not play it safe for their sake as well as my own. This may even cause the early exit at times for me and I must be willing to accept this. This is something that demands as a professional that I develop a keen stoic passion for Amor FATI, and self-awareness.
Do I need a bigger promise? or Do I need a smaller promise? This is complicated, bigger is not better and for that matter too small and your are not making the impact as a brand. So, the question and the answer always comes down to connection.
What I promise. What I seek to deliver. What I strive to communicate is instilling a culture that seeks connection. A culture that understands that the amazing opportunity available comes at the cost.







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