its not about them , but it is

Who are you trying to change?
Who are you willing to leave out?

Be specific. Don’t describe what they look like. Describe what they believe.

the WHO is people seeking connection, brands seeking connection. How do I propose to create this change is through understanding.
Understanding and ultimately respecting the available vehicles available to connect communities.
The understanding that what connection provides is not the stage to speak to everyone but rather the ability to be very specific. Its in this specificity where the beautiful art of what we as change makers do exists.
The products are interchangeable
The missions and values might be polar ends of the line however all that matters is the care towards mattering more towards those our art is intended for.
I see it more and more everyday. The first time through I quickly made this about a product, a brand, a job
The only job actually is that my job is to steer the brands I serve towards doing things right. To help them see clearly.
Its always always always about getting specific
features, benefits, logos, fonts
do they really matter?

In the end one question from Seth remains to be answered
“Will they miss you if you were gone”

because its always about ” wink wink “People like US do things like THIS” my job is to help YOU fill in the US and THIS







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