Its kinda complicated

The end goal for me as a professional

The end goal for me as a Change Catyist

The end goal for me to jump out of bed with excitement everyday

It’s Not specific to a deliverable, tangible product

Or is it

The WHO is complicated

The WHO is something I have sat and anguished over for two days

Re studying Seth Godins prompt

Re spinning it around in my skull

It is not a question that snapped to me

Yes ultimately in creating the change I seek to create the consumer, TRIBE, that’s who it all is for.

But that’s not my WHO

But that’s not my CHANGE

My Change occurs a step back

My Change occurs in cultures of creators

The WHO I seek to deliver value to

The WHO I seek to deliver change to is

The creators

The remarkable brands

To help create connection

To them tell their best story

One that matters

One that is Remarkablewp-image-776655181






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