Is Personal Dev the ultimate SIDE HUSTLE?!

As I read the articles, blogs, social posts and best seller after best seller I cannot help but reflect on this very thought.

We all have heard a similar narrative from many of the most influential minds of our time and all times , That money is not a reliable motivator. We know money as Seth Godin says eloquently is a “Story” we tell ourselves.

Do not let me mislead you, I am like you all, I am working, studying, testing and hustling to get there!

But I think maybe perhaps we are allowing our journey to be a bit more “Busy” than it needs be on things that ultimately serve no long term purpose.

That is my knock against the #SideHustles, you know the stuff everyone is doing to grab extra money, sometimes a substantial amount. It is great that we are in a age where we can do extra hustling on EBay, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist etc etc and turn some dough. It can be a great supplement during tough times no doubt. It can be a income of its own totally.

So whats the issue? I believe it takes us away from doing work that matters. It takes us away from our most artistic work, our most passionate work, often work we do and would do for free….

the work we need


For me

SIMPLIFY and CONTRIBUTE something that MATTERS …because I LOVE IT, That is LEGACY over CURRENCY


More to come on this! HRT







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