The Empathy IS Essential

There is always a opportunity to put ourselves in “Their ” seat

Answering what They are seeking to answer really changes as the seat moves

“Great marketers have empathy- empathy for what’s going through the other persons head” Seth Godin

From this lesson of the Marketing Seminar,

Seth asks us each to identify someone, ideally someone we eagerly wish to deliver change to/ for.

For me as a Marketer the greatest impact I seek to deliver is towards my Brand in achieving success reaching our community, our TRIBE, getting very specific, very granular and really dedicating our everything towards creating a experience for Them and ultimately in succeeding to create our position.

What does this person believe that you don’t believe?

That success must follow the accepted Steps, placements and timelines. It is a situation of “What everyone else is doing”

But everyone else might be trying to stay in their lanes and play it safe.

It might be easier for someone in my role to give in. To give them what they “Think they want”

But that’s not what I do

I seek the risk

I seek the edges

For Them

For those they seek to reach and serve

What do they see that you don’t see?

The Epiphany was in the realization that safe =RISK AND FEAR


What do they want that you don’t want?

Sometimes they still have some nostalgia towards the way it was. The opening distribution, pricey placements

After all it soothes many to punch those stops on the ticket. But can we reach them 1to1?

We can


What do they care about that you don’t care about?

The Risk

The uncertainty

The voices from peers causing them to second guess

They want to make the change

They want to deliver something special

They are just scared and we need empathy to understand all they have at stake

And then be patient

It’s LONG ARC not a short cut

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