Brand self awareness 101. DRIP BY DRIP

I have really immersed myself in deconstructing BRANDING , and creating a brand that matters in this incredible era of Marketing.

It truly is a time of absolute opportunity.

To imagine, a seasoned MBA from 10 years ago if not currently embracing and evolving his/her skill set is now irrelevant. WOW!

So, after my post regarding why I truly believe AMAZON is changing retail as we know it more everyday, I have been in some deep discussions and wanted to share some of my thoughts and some insights which I was generously provided.

WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE DEATH OF BRICK & MORTAR ( and who can bring it back)?

First off let me put before you the reader some facts I learned at 2017 Digital summit I attended a couple weeks back.

1. By 2020 ~80% of web browsing will be AI assisted and “Screenless”

2. About 53% of surveyed group prefers customer care by a BOT over a live human

3. We are now in a “Post digital age” we are no longer privileged few that have connection and devices – connection has progressed from privileged group to a entitlement

4. Executives and owners must really get granular about WHAT the brand does , FOR WHO, and WHY

A brand best serves the community it passionately wishes to serve and partners it wishes to align with through a laser focused EFFORT towards its community.

But back to what I was writing, back to why I believe brick-and-mortar retail as we knew it is Dead on Arrival in 2017 and Beyond.

It’s not their fault,

This is going to ruffle some feathers. Forget ruffle feathers, this is going to piss some people the hell off.

We the brands, the executive teams, the sales executives, have been eroding Trust from retailers as it relates to the consumer for decades.

Brands have Illustrated prices that they do not adhere to themselves in obtaining shelf placements that they surely must have realized would not sell-through based on price and from a grander scale would absolutely make their Retail Partners look unethical. DRIP BY DRIP. trust eroded.

We are also undeniably in the age of the long tail economy.

It is no longer about market share holders massively spending and owning all of market share. It’s no longer about making average products for average people ie the mass. It is now a time of endless variety and that may very well be the greatest piece of the puzzle that Amazon provides so optimally.

What many are forgetting is that if we are able to connect,

able to be really specific,

able to get very granular

about WHO it’s for

about WHY we are on this journey

about WHAT it is and the CHANGE that we are seeking to create

then it’s not about price.

It’s ONLY about price after everything is equal, because if everything is equal then give me the cheapest, the fastest, give me the one that I can buy at Mass.

So going back to Amazon and the delusion of it being a price game. In my opinion, the price game is that you can’t hide prices as a brand anymore. That scares the hell out of many people in the profession. However what Amazon has done through its price scrubbing software is creating a landscape in which AMAZON will not be undersold.

However, what happened as a result is that brands and the prices they actually sell for can’t be hidden with a presentation suggested retail price any longer.

Ultimately, everything Is A build-up of things that have been done for decades.

The truth is that a brand and the professionals navigating the Strategic development of that brand should be honest with themselves.

* Where does the community we seek to serve want to purchase products like these, these specific products, our brand.

After that, we need to select our Direction, our Focus and do that!

Nobody has all the answers and as a matter of fact most of us have very few answers.

The best we can do is simplify our plan, execute with absolute dedicated efforts. Always, everyday, always keep in mind and at the core of everything we do, every placement we make, everything, ” IT’S FOR THEM, OUR TRIBE”







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