Execute vs Excuse

We  are in the age of opportunity to make connections,

To create change,

To drive meaningful solutions where they are needed and wanted

To create meaningful brands quite possibly in the process


It has always been about #Connections hasn’t it?

The factory was the only way we had to get to more

except the factory made it really hard for us that care to “Make it personal”

and isn’t that what we ultimately want and desire?

Start with something Needed

Start with something wanted

Start with something we would miss if you took it away

Start with doing it because it is really important to YOU

Do it

Do not mention Distribution, Chain account, scale and heaven forbid ubiquity

wake up and help someone

instead of thinking BIG

whats the smallest audience?

read Kevin Kelly 1,000 true fans, Print it and take it everywhere

Buy Derek Sivers “Anything you want” Write the rules on your wall and add a few!

Carry Seth Godin “Linhpin” and every time you feel like hiding, realize WE NEED YOU

YOU ARE SUPERMAN (WOMAN) go get your cape!







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