Enroll together

en·roll·ment inˈrōlmənt,enˈrōlmənt/

noun the action of enrolling or being enrolled.”

What is it that you really wish to stand for? To be defined by? What drives you?

Now within those answers WHO? ( time to get really specific , really granular)

When you get this far it should Inspire you- does it?

There isn’t a wrong answer except the answers you’ve been giving

Possibly to fit in?

Possibly to shift focus from our self?

Possibly because we’ve been brought to believe fitting in is Safe?

It isn’t

Honestly never was



Average PEOPLE

i.e. MASS isn’t so warm and fuzzy anymore

So let’s all circle back together and complete this in the comments

I will join you

Lets percolate on it

And always remember that it’s about the SMALLEST AUDIENCE – START THERE

if it’s media

Then you maybe do not have a sound and video studio


So FaceTime someone on your topic


Zoom room 2 people

Or Skype

See where I’m going,?

Let’s start daily ACTION

Let’s jump in!

Boom let’s go go go

I cannot wait to reply to the awesomeness I’m certain I will be in awe of.


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