Has the “WHO” changed? Have we?

As Marketers

As Professionals

Our job, NO, our responsibility to the craft is to deliver Change that is needed and wanted

Change that means things are permanently different than when we began

In this journey we have to be very aware of WHO this change we create is to be directed at

For generation upon generation we created change towards the gatekeepers, category managers, store owners , buyers, all i.e. the Trade

Trade publications thrived

Trade shows thrived,

and then something happened

What happened is connection

What happened is perceived with polarity

The old guard- its Armegeddon

To those embracing the limitlessness of connection its Game Changer!

Game On!

Insanity still holds a obvious endearing place amongst many Brands and executives

but now more than ever Connection is King

Why not jump in!

Its time to get really specific

Its time to get personal

Its time to dial down , its not just demographics

The age, sex, income, activity and lifestyle

Its also time to dial down to Psychographics too…

Worldview and Bias’s of the community we are here to serve, delight and embrace

If it sounds like work-


however it is good work that we do when we care

Ultimately its never about the gatekeepers, never really has been

They were simply inflated in importance because the layer/ wedge they provided between US (Brands) and Them ( the Community/tribe)

That Phone, Those apps, That power, Use it wisely, Use it Generously, Use it…Use it..Say Something that mattersimg_0684





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