So Much to do and of course the Lizard has a seat directly across from me…

But Seth said it, “This is what we Marketers sign up for” its part of the life
Hello I am Tommaso and I create change, I create change hopefully that is wanted but sometimes it isnt…Thats ok.My intentions are true.
Hello I am Tommaso, You may expect me to do what everyone else is doing- yes, initially “going with the flow is SAFE” but since I am into the “Long Cut”, the “Long Game” its actually the least rewarding, most risky path.
Hello I am Tommaso and the results are only a side effect of the change I seek to make
Hello I am Tommaso- I care. I care so much that when I do not succeed it hurts
but I must push on
as long as there is change to create
I am often wrong and occasionally right but I always care




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