Will they talk about you?

You Care

Your organization did its homework

You identified a problem through empathy and generously wish to provide the solution

You are passionate and now it’s time to put your product before the tribe

But have you forgotten one crucial element to this equation

Have you built into your product/ service the engine for the community to talk about you?

This is where I see caring, empathetic, passionate brands sometimes drop the ball 

And so close too 

From Seths Lesson ” Inverting the first rule of Fight Club”

(Because talking about this furthers my short-term goals)
It might lead to a cultural change that matters to me. (The Women’s March)
It might earn me money. (Affiliate marketing)
It might help me make something happen that I need (Groupon/Kickstarter)
It might make me feel smart. (Early Mac adopters)
(Because the social expectation from my peers inside the organization is that I will)
Some organized religions work this way.
And it’s built into the fabric of network marketing.
As mentioned in the video, AA creates a culture of generosity about the treatment/connection they offer to insiders.
(Because using the product automatically causes me to talk about the product)
The Atkins diet (you have to explain why you’re eating bacon with meat on the side for dinner).
The distinctive look of a Prius.
The tagline in Hotmail that explained that Hotmail was a free service that was easy to get.
When Seth launched the book Purple Cow, it came in a milk carton. The book itself, a book about ideas worth talking about, was designed to give people a way to talk about it…
There are many others. Dig deep and find them.
Then, think about your own service. 

Q- How do you create a posture among your customers that their instinct is to spread the word? 

A-without selecting a specific “product” I would like to reinforce a personal belief that your features and Benefits only matter after we trust you. 

This is where many products and their well intentioned teams get it wrong. It is partly hinged on innovators syndrome however even  when everything is aligned, the brand takes a generous, engaged and empathetic posture it still comes down to SCARCITY. PEOPLE LIKE US DO THINGS LIKE THIS


This is why as a marketer I despise Price promotions and massive ad campaigns 

It’s still about a personal interaction, eye to eye, a wink and a smile, just Scaled! 

Care more

It matters

Share your discoveries and insights here.






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