The Change I seek to make

I have endured the downtrodden talking points of divested brands who cannot fathom the modern era and how to approach connection.

These brands have a very nostalgic perspective on what was the hey day when small companies mattered.

Psst! Its never been better to be a small, remarkable brand with a specific community you wish to serve. That is a simple Fact!

What is also a Fact, is that you more than ever have to CARE about giving and listening.

The Market owes no brand anything.

All we can do is Listen Empathetically, Listen more, contribute generously to the community and show up everyday. We build our trust and that matters.

You cannot Spam your way to the embracing of the Tribe….If your pockets are deep enough you sure can try.

So what am I looking to say?

So what am I looking to create change around and for who?

I am absolutely eager to help create change around remarkable, real, invested people/brands and their tribes.

Why Trust me? How can I practice what I preach? Its in the Generosity and Empathy deployed in mega amounts that matters..Sincerity…

I have a dream model…a Purple Cow you might call it….


A League of Remarkable

Here is what I see…

The brand is idenified and a simple offer extended to provide a no strings attached meeting where I provide the following analysis:

  1. Digital Analysis of current campaign(s)/Content and suggested options
  2. Website/SEO review comparing to benchmark category brands
  3. strategic brand analysis from both Sales & Marketing perspectives
  4. Field indépendant analysis and strategy
  5. Design / packaging analysis
  6. Online Landscape/Pricing/Amazon overview

This is presented, openly discussed and if interested in proposed actionable plan can be coordinated OR the brand can accept the analysis, listen and take it away…No Strings

I would like to believe that IF I can exhibit the value present in a impactful manner I would be most considered to do the work..If not I wish them well and hope we all are better for the work and dialogue

Being Remarkable , a Purple Cow after all isn’t a job, its a Privilege….now Go Make a Ruckus!






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