“If you don’t have anything nice to say…….”

1-0I was raised a gentleman by my grandmother who always ended this statement “Don’t say anything at all”
Her voice filled my mind as I read the topics generously and very intelligently posted. Thats when the lightbulb snapped on because honestly I was over this video and lesson 4xs and at a mental standstill.

God rest her beautiful soul, forgive me grand mom but you were quite possibly wrong. Not at all am I proposing in day to day interactions was she wrong. We should always be empathetic and generous to others we don’t see eye to eye with. I am looking at her words as related towards the marketer.

Lets first look at where it all should always begin- a company, a vision, “Solving a problem within a community”, yes?
ok so lets step by step this one ,
1. We identify a problem we wish to “Position” ourselves to solve ( hopefully in a manner thats needed)

*Before we can start displaying our offerings ( service or product) we cannot take one critical and often overlooked piece for granted- DOES THIS COMMUNITY WE WISH TO SERVE CURRENTLY ACCEPT, AND ACKNOWLEDGE THIS PROBLEM EXISTS?
and if no, We must first invest in the conversations and doing our work to expose the problem exists..and within this we will clearly have the responsibility to create, and sit the tension within the community as we seek to create the change thats needed and hopefully wanted- that, in the delivery of the solution is nestled the TRUST we may if fortunate have the opportunity to earn.

One extra note- I have found that all too often in my world of Performance Supplements the steps above are absolutely followed in successful “Brands” and all too often abandoned after…

they forget one thing that I passionately believe ” That TRUST needs to be re earned EVERYDAY”, how?
by showing up daily,
engaging daily,
going 1 extra daily
and taking Depth over width approach

Everything still ultimately comes down to communication, Trust and Delivering on your word.
That is the same in the corner butcher shop with your neighbor as it is behind a laptop answering the fifth comment under a instagram post- Care because people matter
Market with TRUTH,
Market with deliberate generosity







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