we can always turn our finger around

Fact: The person you are trying to sell to is probably not the owner

Fact: That person at the receiving end of the RFP or sitting across the table is most likely working his/her decision on answering one of these (2) questions:

  1. Is it cheaper?
  2. (If it is not) What will I tell my boss?

It is a point of serious anguish for Executives, Professionals and Brands that care deeply about what they do and whom they do it for. Whom we seek to serve.

But here is the piece thats always missing


Do we take the time to really feel the perspective of the person we are asking to “Go All In” and take a Risk on us?

We often are so wrapped up in what we deliver, our WHY (Story) and the Razzle Dazzle that we neglect the one thing that would reap enormous benefits to our cause.

In my opinion much of what we see from the Brand perspective and frustrate over is easily understood when viewed with a sense of sincere empathy.

Fact: “Workers” do not seek to make things better, “Workers” seek to FIX things that are broken i.e. Solve a PROBLEM.

It is our job as Marketers to first illustrate a TRUE PROBLEM within the community they serve and Honestly illustrate “Hey I have a solution to that very problem, Take a look”

“People Like US do things like THIS” Seth Godin always applies

Screaming your story loudest isn’t a way to gain advantage

and Yes “With Great POWER comes great responsibility” but you already knew that, we already knew that.

as they say Don’t Hate the Game holds true here, calling our and exposing a problem that honestly exists to generously be the one to solve it is not unethical, quite the contrary

As Brands and Marketers are we letting down big retail and more responsible for declines in some key partners than we wish to admit?


Maybe because we assume too much from them. Maybe we expect them to know the problems? Maybe we expect them to see the community seeking what we provide? maybe we are best to judge ourselves before we judge these big partners? Maybe IF we sit in their seat and look at their monitors we could better deliver for us all?







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