Why Medicine delivers answers

A doctor writes a prescription

But for that to even occur – the patient “Has a concern or health issue they want to address” 

Next comes the medicine-

On the bottle is 

Doctors Name and information such as NDC #

Patients name and phone number

And very plainly stated instructions 

Also accompanying the prescription is a full disclosure of contraindications i.e. Side effects , overdose, adverse reactions 

Simple and effective 

But why? 

1. Enrollment- “To enlist one Self” occurs when we set the appointment and show up 

2. Compliance – “cooperation or obedience ” is displayed when we take our medicine
So, where am I going with this?

Rather than spell out what I am thinking- let’s start a conversation- what can we do better to

1. Identify the problems in potential clients? 

2. Create a environment in which they eagerly enroll?

3. Attain great compliance?
I hope this sparks some great threads






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