100 Day Marketing course – pre seminar audit

Below I will paste and edit ( add answers) to my pre seminar audit. 

I will create a Fictitious Consulting group for this Vita Sana consulting, which means healthy life in Italian btw. 

So here goes….

   01: Getting started and finding your neighborhood

What do you make?

– connections / community , a integrity driven consulting team that is immersed in the supplement industry and lifestyle

What’s it called?

-Vita Sana consulting 

How much does it cost?

– it varies by situation , from total brand immersion – sales, strategic branding , marketing execution to ala cart in some situations. 

Who is it for?

– brands with a foundation and opportunity if their story was told. Brands looking to keep their connection and identity while reasonably scaling. 

How do you reach your audience?

– blog, video blog, podcast, tradeshows, strategic relationships 

When you reach them, what’s the offer, the promise?

– the offer- free brand analysis, listening to their vision without interjection 

– the promise-” its Hell Yeah or NO” for our team as well

Do you spend money on marketing? On what? How much?

Yes I believe that using All social platforms as our web/ online website as opposed to traditional websites separates our team. 

Who is the competition?

– freelancers, brokers, marketing part timers, and big firms that lack understanding the end user

How do you compare to the competition (be specific)?

– Hands on. Fingerprints on everything we do. Less is More approach. Practitioners.  

Clearly, you don’t have 100% market share, and just as clearly, the customers of your competition aren’t stupid. Why do they buy from someone other than you?

– one size fits all. They appeal to Ubiquitous approach more perfectly. We look and seek out the small, mid level, remarkable stories that also happen to have a product that’s pretty darn sweet also 

Would your customers miss you if you were gone? How easy is it to replace what you offer?

– yes. Maybe they would not miss us until we were gone If they never experienced a astringent big cookie cutter firm. If they have they would not ever want to let us go 

Do you have specific measures of marketing success? What are they?

Money is a story as Seth says. It’s true. The markers are depth of engagement – never outplacing where we can robustly support and interact, give value and really care. 

What are the demographics of your target market?

– start ups to mid level brands. 500k- 15m annual sales at starting point 

What about the psychographics? What are they like?

– invested and risk taking individuals doing something that believe delivers value 

What else do people who buy what you sell also buy?

-Trust. Credibility. Honesty. Creativity. Originality 

If you could change your offering to make it more appealing, how would you change it?


What would change if you were forced to justify charging twice as much for your product?

-Exclusively represent brands ( one per category) and only brands “All In” with out synergistic program

When someone tells a friend about what you offer, what do they say?

– They Scale passion and integrity 

What problem do you solve for the customer?

– how to compete with limitless spam and corporate funding while growing a culture of remarkableness

What problem do you cause for people who aren’t yet your customers?

– you cannot fake Trust

What’s the risk of using your solution?

– it might not work

Which intermediaries need to be recruited to help you grow? (Retailers, media, etc.). Be specific.

– media groups, podcast shows , industry trusted websites, execs at major retailers and etailers and distribution partners

Make a list of marketing tactics you’ve used to reach new customers.

– group creation and engagement at robust level

-making each transaction personal

– going deep on all social communications 

Make a list of marketing assets that you own (brand, mailing list, distribution arm, etc.)

-brands own assets for social, podcast, editorial, live 

-development of “shared” community which is used to develop brands we partner with

Are you primarily a brand or direct marketer?

Executive marketing strategist. I.e. The brands voice coach

What change are you trying to make in your customers?

– help remarkable products , stories and individuals realize their potential and best avoid pitfalls so they may effectively FIND AND GIVE to their TRIBE






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