May, let’s go LIVE

I am preparing for a challenge

I’ve been preparing for quite some time actually. In the end I could continue to wait for all the perfect situations to present themselves and ultimately be in the same place next month, next year.

Instead I will jump.

I know and am aware this started as what was to be a ebook with contributions

That is not happening this time around

Nope, this time around you will get ……ME , raw, uncensored and truly working through it.

So I shall set the stage

At 45 years Old and with a lifetime in physical culture the objectives are easily over complicated


Goal-  to validate the fact that with the simplest of means a person can achieve a robust and vibrant level of vitality and a warriors physique

The focus of week 1- Detoxification & Cleansing/ establishing nutritional Ketosis/ intermittent Fasting

initial water fasting period of minimum 2 days to effectively drive detoxification & Cleansing.

Sunday I will begin fasting period: I will weigh in and also take photos which will be done weekly ( on sundays ) to summarize Week prior and set stage for upcoming week.

The key pieces of SIMPLICITY Week 1 –

Fasting and recent findings on its effect on immune function

Fasting/ intermittent fasting and nutritional ketosis

Foods for week 1

Training week 1

The supplement regimen

No Pain , No Gain and why the mind matters
The program will have Friday Facebook live session in which I’ll take questions as well as offer any insights I have stumbled upon.

Initially my thoughts were to keep training simplified and based on a few movements / training at home.

What I have opted to do instead is

True Arthur Jones HIT training protocol




The diet will be a CKD ( cyclic Ketogenic diet) that is based upon Intermittent Keto Fasting with sporadic Carbohydrate feedings as needed

It’s late so tomorrow I will get into programming

Time to get it!

It is Monday May 1 and I am started in the 1 month journey!

First, I will be adding each days journal to this entry and reposting daily. The reasoning is so that I do not have 30 disconnected entries spread across my blog site and so that a raw revision can be completed and a “Users Guide” can be published for anyone who would like to embark on a similar one.

I actually started the Water fasting Saturday April 29th

I ended the initial water Fasting period this evening with the meal below

5 whole organic eggs scrambled cooked with,

3 slices Thick cut Organic Bacon

garlic, Jalepeno pepper, Chopped Organic Kale all cooked in bacon grease

1/2 organic avocado

1 cup black coffee


The food selection this week will be :

Eggs, Organic Brown

Bacon Organic

Kale Organic

Avocado Organic

Raw Almonds Organic

Coconut Oil Organic

Kerigold Butter


Also each day will begin and end with

32 oz filtered water with organic lemon juice


Supplements are kept basic and therapeutic to optimize Detoxification effects

I will be doing a Q&A for anyone interested Today 1:30pm eastern time on facebook

I will cover Training which BTW is NOT falling back to “comfort zone”

30 days Home training, a Kettlebell, Pullup bars, a couple bands and bodyweight

Feeling Energized to Conquer! See you all on Facebook!







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  1. Jeff Avatar

    Win Win Tommasso. Challenging yourself and inspiring others. Nice….

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