Conditionally “unconditional ” 

While walking my dogs this morning I was enjoying the sights and sounds of a beautiful spring morning. Birds chirping away, rabbits enjoying fresh green growth provided by past days rains, and my mind wandered a bit as usual. 

The question of “Love”. 

The types of love- because as humans it is sometimes hard to realize that we “feel” different “types” of love.  

But no matter what the ultimate weapon to shield oneself with is Love. 

Just reading “A wrinkle in time” last night yet again stirred this emotion in me. 

It also stirred the dilemma of how to approach those you unconditionally love yet make you feel that they do love you- on their conditions. 

Do what pleases them

Do not rebel

Stay in your lane

But is that unconditional? 

For me it’s a question that may not have a answer

The only answer for me , to me is love more

Unconditionally unconditional 



Top to bottom

Good with bad



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