April 13 2017


Today I type this cumulative document which I openly expect to evolve and personally welcome the thoughts, brainstorming sessions and experiences that will fuel ongoing iterations. In the meantime this is the vantage point from which I gather my perspective from today.


What is your Utopian dream?

For me it is identifying within the system areas of great opportunity.


It is always about the “Long Game” and making “connections”, Creating “Community”.


With that in mind everyday remember the


“When you make a company, you make a utopia. It’s where you design you’re perfect world”

Keep that in your mind always


Also “ Never forget EVERY decision you make is for your CUSTOMERS. Make every decision- even decisions about whether to expand the business, raise money,or promote someone- according to whats BEST FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS”


With these values in my and at the heart of ALL DECISIONS:


  1. Be Engaged and Happily so- Every call answered, Every email responded to, Every socal media comment happily acknowledged- In realtime and with CARE.If you cannot go deeper and WANT TO then fold up TODAY.
  2. Be Thankful- CARE, and this cannot be over emphasized enough. Owners- Call EVERY NEW ACCOUNT and say WELCOME and THANK YOU :-), Have customer CARE at heart more than sales- follow up and check in with accounts regularly- How can we do better? The greatest data one could ask for is from the people selling your products today.
  3. Be a Community builder- New retailers should be added to website locator, even mentioned on social media (In store pics are Great!) , Do not overlook what 2 minutes can do in creating dialogue and community through liking a stores social page , making a mention and caring. Consumers that purchase should be equal  in importance and also networked with on social.
  4. Be Strategically Valuable- Be a Meaningful Specific. Control the online universe through having the difficult conversations- Do not turn away from the potential harm online can create longterm if not managed properly.
  5. Be of high Value- IF a retailer is worth the effort to partner with – then partner with vigor. Have a plan, establish incentive calenders and explore any/all promotional opportunies. EVERY account with a plan is NEGLECTED.
  6. Be Present- People TRUST the people they buy from and TRUST is earned not bought. In that regard it is amazingly insane when remarkable brands with real stories fail to embrace this very fact and SHOW UP.

So where does this lead a company? How can this be implemented?


Ultimately concepts, ideas, plans are all useless- EXECUTION is the key. That will never change- NEVER!

So taking a simplistic approach works best…Here is my plan of EXECUTION


  1. Customer Care Team – ALL STAR- for a small company it is (1-2) people that fully grasp the company culture and WHY the brand matters
  • Answers ALL calls with delighting those on the line as JOB 1
  • Develops outbound relationships to new potential customers
  • Responds to all inquiries and makes certain to delight everyone they connect with
  • Understand the products and sales programs
  • Confirms all orders through a phone call
  1. Administrative ACE- (1) key individual

      -Detail driven , and very well versed in use of excel, word, powerpoint etc

      -Organized and integral as the HUB through which information flows

  1. Social Media CONNECTOR- many brands lazily outsource and always wind up thinking         “Social Media doesnt work for us” correction – It WORKS if you show up. Have someone on the Team who is in your culture become the social media linchpin.


I really and truly believe it always is about MORE, caring, attention, showing up, partnering, MORE MORE MORE

Since we only have 24 hours in a day its about QUALITY too.


Create something that Matters Today and do not over complicate.

Nurture and reap great rewards
If You build it ( and show up with a smile sayng WELCOME) they WILL SHOW UP!






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