Old dog, New Tricks..

Life doesn’t stop, until it stops at the end of the ride

We all have taken on more, we are busier than ever

I have note pad upon notepad of perfectly laid out programs and diets that have quite honestly reinforced the absolute truth that “Ideas are worthless”.

Execution is priceless! So begins my story.

I absolutely hate talking about myself however I must to convey appropriately the reason why you are reading this from me. ( and btw, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this from me. I will do my absolute best to make this the most interactive and transparent shared journey, Im pumped! lets go!).

I do believe that anything that is being done right and with a generous passion does not need replication for replications sake. That is what I hate about even the phrase “Market share”.

Where to begin, where to begin, OK, I will give you the situation I have found myself captured in. It is a dilemma I see effecting many former athletes that want nothing more than to be Fit, Healthy, on their game as they break past 45 and beyond.

After going back to the stage from 2009-2012 I ended the bodybuilding competition phase of my life on a win. I have that experience and what to do now?

Well what are my Goals?

  1. Maintaining a lower bodyweight, lean, muscular however also very Fit.
  2. Freedom from anti social eating patterns ( one of my biggest pet peeves )
  3. Great energy and robust immunity
  4. Looking great in fitted fashion

What are the constraints?

  1. Knowledge
  2. Habits
  3. Thinking
  4. Responsibilities

Sounds crazy to you I bet? But here me out on this.

Knowledge in a lifetime of training a certain way for certain results, i.e. bodybuilding, is not only counter productive in attaining the physique and goals listed above but since it comes so easy its a fall back. Many returns to the gym have left me a month in and back to the old tricks – 20lbs heavier and eating every two hours. Yeah, the old dog needs new tricks for sure.

Habits are a funny thing, it is fact that we are the sum of the habits we have. The mistake is in the thinking that we have power over them to simply stop. Good luck with that one! Instead replace them gradually and execute, no hesitation – everyday- NO OFF DAYS

Thinking, hmmmm, did you ever see “The Thinker” statue? Think too much and you will never DO anything. This goes back to knowledge for me. I have spend more hours pondering this program by far than it will ever take to execute.

Responsibilities are what we all have that require our attention, focus, and presence daily. Professional and Personal. When the hesitation grabs us it becomes easy to blame responsibilities at home or at the job for the lack of Goal setting, execution and ultimately results. I will clearly state that there are very few excuses that hold weight. I have no excuses for not being my best other than I allow myself to get in my own way- what a procrastinating fool I am.

Not anymore.

So first I want to give a mention to a book that I feel has a amazing story behind it from a very real human as the writer. The book is “The 5 second Rule” by Mel Robbins and I cannot stress enough how much this simple practice can help us all. Please check her out and google her as well. ok, onward!

So, at this point I am looking at the start date for “Simplicity” as LIVE April 29

I have decided against going through the program prior and preparing posts, pictures and videos. Instead I will be going through the entire Simplicity program with everyone of you that jump in!

I will be hoping for us all to connect, share and engage- to really build community through the Month of May and hopefully beyond. I will be opening my personal social platforms and post daily, start live feeds to chat and build community too.

I will be posting a snapshot of the program and a easy to print guide will soon follow. In the meantime hit me up anytime at TommasoSalvatore1215@gmail.com and put SIMPLICITY in the subject..

Talk to you all soon!

5,4,3,2,1 GO







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