It’s implied or isn’t it?

How many times have we read Emotion into a email? A text? A social media post? 

To only discover later that was completely not the desired meaning or objective?

In ready “Getting More” as the first book in April challenge ( a book a day- and 1 selected random chapter) I am certain to really dig though this entire book later. 

As a vocal and assertive type A, I truly have felt the impact from assuming a implied meaning in personal as well as professional life. 

The greatest (2) traits that were always preached to me by my late uncle Fred Evors  ( sales PRO extroidinaire) was 

1. Ask Questions ,good questions and don’t avoid the hardest questions with the most tension first. 

2. Listen. This is the toughest. Quite  your brain and hear what the other party has to say. 

Empathy is vital

Because what you frame any situation as is often 180 degrees from what the other person is framing. 

No lines in the sand because as Seth Godin put it ” IF you were going to draw a line WHY would you pick sand to make your stand”

Here is to everyone Getting More






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