Leadership from the bottom

We all can learn many lessons from great leaders. 

The first to me is one that is accompanied by reluctance. 

We have evolved into leaders in “Ivory Towers”, sticking to executive responsibilities and roles.

It has become easy to stick to the title and accept the results both good or bad.

I have been in this dilemma myself.

When looking for the best route to success and answers what is the best path for true leadership?

My father taught me at as a young man;

“Always be willing to do every duty for which you will lead another to perform, that way you will have earned their respect and the task will never seem beneath you”

what I will add at this point of my career is something I feel very necessary to state

“Regularly revisit these , even the most lowly duties to keep connected to the troops and changing times and when times grow uncertain, gain certainty through immersion”

How can we lead sales teams when we have no direct everyday point of communication?

How can we set lofty expectations?

How can we set ANY expectations?

How can we create plans and strategies based on a room of fellow disconnected executives and act surprised when then miss the target?

**How do we act surprised when we are not Robustly acting as Practitioners ?

Why would we not want to? 

Why would we anything less?

For me thats a call to action….how about YOU?







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