Really care

The mystique of World Wide Web creates sterility and a separation in many from #reality

Because it’s not face to face they can adopt a shortcut approach

Guess what? Treat the online landscape like the most intimate face to face 

Remember  1>0 

The work matters 

If you want the loyalty

Build the trust

Earn it

Show up everyday delivering Value

What’s the value? 

You need to be real with yourself

And deliver with tenacity and ferocity 

I am about as real as a punch in the face

You are #arrogant that’s why your once established brand is in the toilet

It’s not sales 

It’s not anyone’s fault but,,,, turn that finger around    Ready ……YOU!

Give a damn

Throwing money at market thinking that’ll get em

And when it fails blaming and cutting it with the excuse “our customers aren’t into social media ” is a totally arrogant rationale




and maybe you need to really care

When was the last timeYOU spoke to your customers ? 

Last time you said THANK YOU for supporting my brand

How can we do better?



you GET what you GIVE! 

Emotional capital trumps capital

Sorry no abscentee 


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