Take a Practitioner approach to your personal brand

What does that statement mean?

put in the #Work

How and in what way?

For me and my brand the T2 Experiment that means being a information conduit

so where is the #Work?

well its the daily work


  1. Spending hours per day reading the content on my Focus subjects and extracting great value.
  2. Spending hours per day locating #brands, #Trends and #Thoughtleaders who can help increase the value to my #Tribe
  3. Collaborating efforts in a generous way with others in a effort to #Dothework that #Matters
  4. Showing up #Everyday and #delivering #Value to my #Tribe, Going #Deep because I 20140426-140523.jpg#Care. Understanding that #Trust is EARNED EVERYDAY through Showing UP and delivering Value

As I have been digging VERY DEEP in #Self I am exposing MORE and seeing this will be my #ARBITRAGE

My 2017 Commandments to SELF :

I. my  #UTOPIA , My #Bigleague #Goals….No Holds Barred….

For me its NOT a dollar specific goal. For me its not a Possession quantity goal. For me its #FREEDOM to do Whatever I desire (within reason).

 I do have a couple lofty items in my Goals:

1.Ferrari California in bright Red with tan leather guts

2. Home in Haddonfield historic grande style

3.Office in Central Philadelphia with a view of Rittenhouse Park

4. Vacationing property in Italy, preferably Firenze proper

5.  Childrens Boutique business for my wife and daughter

II. I AM MY BRAND…So FOCUS on developing #T2

The big million dollar mistake I feel at this point I have made on many occasions is vest ALL my integrity, passion, tenaciousness in my employer at a cost of not growing #T2, don’t get me wrong, I am pouring it all into my work however understand that the #REDPILL for me is #T2 and the opportunity developing it has for me and as a side effect for all of my work in the process. A true win win. Become a #Linchpin Its #Work to build #T2 so that is not in lieu of my paid work, Thats in addition! So ;

  1. Kill IT in my J O B
  2. #Grind #Focus on my personal brand while my peers watch tv and watch sports…

III.SIMPLICITY , In ALL things- and this is perhaps the most difficult for a high energy #Passion #Driven professional. Its the constant reflection  and question of “How is this getting me closer to my Goals?” Honestly answered this is what can facilitate LESS distraction more FOCUS and with focus , more #WORK


Depth in engagement with #Tribe is a given. It is something I believe deeply. Simplicity is KEY however because taking on too much will assure you can’t be DEEPLY connected and thats what the #WORK demands if we wish to #MATTER. All of these “Rules” I want you the reader to be aware are not simply applicable to the career facet of my life. No, I will apply and regularly post about the benefit of adding all of these “Tools” or lets call them “BLOCKS” to the building of the T2 foundation.


V. ENGAGE like a Mo____

So far I am vigilant on the amount of opportunities I take on. I Focus more. I put in the WORK in going deep with each and that feeds directly into #ENGAGE like a MOFO! Talk to LESS, take on LESS so I can really be present and caring in a meaningful way with the specific TRIBE I am trying to deliver value to. Ultimately whats the VALUE  being provided because that is absolutely what matters most of all.

VI. ” A Tortoise dressed like a Hare” PATIENCE….

Super tough for a “Jump outta my skin, run through flames” kind of personality that I am. Im a Type A++ and anyone who knows me can attest that its in my veins and never staged. So Patience? YESSS, Drive focus in the WORK but at the same point don’t FORCE a result…be willing to TRUST THE PROCESS because you don’t hack your way to a longstanding amount of Brand equity- Thats earned – and as I say often and believe – Re Earned DAILY! i.e. SHOW UP! CARE! So the ability to be patient when it serves the situation is a daily practice. It also ties into another very important habit to develop- ACT don’t REACT! Never reply immediately to a aggravating email or call, WAIT, revisit it, Percolate-BE #PATIENT. Reflect on all decisions and never be afraid to totally change the plan. Thats what Winners do. It starts with a steady hand.


Create your own “League of Extraordinary _”. Find “Like minded” people looking to create value and find creative ways to connect and extend maximum value to those you both serve. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades, master of NONE” rather “Collect” ethical, affluent thought leaders to partner with and help provide the best work you possibly can.

I want to absolutely say Thank You for reading this post. I promise I will have a FOCUS list on what the T2 experiment will be Phase I in the next post. I promise I will do everything to always have FUN and Deliver VALUE to my TRIBE. I started this journey with a mission/vision to deliver a truly Unbiased stream of relevant information to those in my TRIBE and in the process unifying the BEST of the BEST Thoughtleaders I have such humble thankfulness to call friends. I simply want to open the awesome degree of their knowledge to YOU and in the process have fun in my Quest to be the best version of Tommaso I can be – To be T2




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