Success is relative

You can be successful and broke

You can be wealthy and unsuccessful 

We only gauge success and happiness on wealth because????

Because we feel we can buy (attain) the real goal FREEDOM

So I will ask 

Who do you know that is successful that perhaps you don’t think of immediately?

I was at a almost euphoric happiness during a single period of my life where I had nothing  and no one influencing my life whatsoever 

I made a working pay/ nothing special

I had a modest apartment

I had no cable 

I didn’t have Internet 

I read 200 books and trained, played soccer and traveled constantly

So I’ll ask again- What is success to YOU?

With #NoNewStuff and #Simplicity I am back into a life of meaning 

We live once 


So I ask you how will this open up your perception of success and your goals- or won’t it?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Honestly ,humbly






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