No Vetting required

When we have a tough day

When everything goes wrong 

When we are tired and feeling uninspired 

What do we do?;

We run to “people like us”

To where “everybody knows our name”

Where we can be ourself

Quirky and all that accompanies it

We want to talk 

We want to listen

We know these folks care for us 

And we care for them

But only IF the people we worked with got us

Guess what 

They can

Care more

Matter more

The Tribe is who you run to 

Who you care about and who care about you

Those folks you share a secret handshake with

Now how can you matter even more to them

And not lose sight of that if you monetize 

Another words don’t “Turn fake” 

It’s always right there in front of each of us.   A tribe we belong to

The question is always to be found there ” what problem can I solve generously for MY TRIBE that will deliver value to us all and …. “is it a problem they(we) are already seeking or one that is there I need to make everyone aware exists before showing the solution I am thinking?”
Go make it. You know

#gomakeyourRuckus #Tribes #peoplelikeus #beremarkable #care #matter 


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