…2017…Tell me how…

2017 has been my year of increased #mindfulness and becoming more #selfaware

Soon it is time to #SHIP and #TurnPro ultimately reducing the unecessary to the point of #simplicity in all areas of my life

-Professional- Less talk, more Action

-Personal- Less Scattered and More Present

Training and Diet- Truly dialing down to a MED approach

Minimum Effective Dose

MED is really a more edgy way to say Simplicity…and its my vision for everything in 2017

Once agendas are established, weekly lists, I will ask myself – Is this necessary do be executed? If so, by me? or can it best be delegated? Always narrowing the focus, dialing it in!

With Training…With Diet…With Career…With any and everything that comes my way…

Time to re Adopt the phrase I used as a wide eyed young bodybuilding many moons ago to determine foods to eat…I would ask myself with ANYTHING I was going to eat “In what way will this food help me attain my goals” well this will now at 45 years old expand into my 2017 and all of my goals and aspirations.

“How will this _____ help me achieve my goal of ___”

IF it won’t, then its not the right thing to do and since TIME is the most premium asset man possesses  I won’t waste ANY…that will mean people having hurt feelings at times or potential total divides- so be it

Good Vibes and energy ONLY…and all that…Negativity, Martyrdom- SEE YA….

Surround yourself with #HUNTERS not #PREY….


The theme of my 2017 Quest for personal growth has taken on form


a inspired movement started and truly embodied in my friend Allison Vicenzi

a fellow disciple of Seth Godin and Alumni of #altMBA

This focus of not purchasing anything New , of adhering to some guidelines


I want to take it a bit further


This is pure #overtime #hustle, with a few rules;

  1. Items can be sold via eBay, craigslist , Facebook sale, or yard sale- your choice!
  2. You have to already own the item- It is defeating the true purpose to buy to sell from stores or yard sales doesn’t it? Its about buying and using LESS…
  3. Don’t replace with a purchase…do with less…


This was where I have started. Mindfulness from #stoicism has led me to this. It can be hard because society dictates what makes us happy or so many believe.

I am Truly at this point dialing down, doubling down on simplicity in my professional and personal life.

In the big picture LESS IS MORE

#FOCUS for the best opportunity not for every opportunity , thats just insanity








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