Minimum Effective Dose

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential”

Bruce Lee


The case against “Under promise, Over deliver” for me is simple;

I intend to #Outworkeveryone #Hustle and #Dothework ,

that means being #relentless #grinding #Focus #Flowstate

so again, why the case against?

because to achieve the #growthmindset #limitless #empowered #Positivevibes you have to set the crosshairs on lofty #Goals not undershooting the bullseye or you’ll be shooting into the mud!

For me its about ALL OUT #Intensity and #Drive #Focus on the #Prize, the #Goal

For me its about #Simplicity too

Simplicity of “things”

#Nonewstuffchallenge #Declutterchallenge #Hustle #selluselessstuff

I think of this analogy;

“Which would you choose?

A.a single wheelbarrow with 1,000 lbs to push 10 yards


B. 10 wheelbarrow each with 100lbs to push 10 yards

To break it down a bit more….

A.concentrated effort, with all my #intensity, 1 wheelbarrow 10 yards=1,000lbs/10 yards


B.divided effort, scattered and unfocused , 10 wheelbarrows 10 yards = 1,000lbs/100 yards

I am a #DOIT  guy..not because its faster, because it more direct path to #results IF

IF you can bite down , push, press, fight, drive and #HUSTLE

and I CAN

So this is my approach to #2017 and you are welcomed to join me

Why do I tell this so openly?

because I too believe as #askgaryvee openly states, I can be so generous about this because I know I can and will outwork ANYONE.

How will I hold myself to the task?

-Weekly assessment of past weeks work, meetings, calls, training, diet, everything

What will my goals be?

-(MED) minimum effective dose

The MED is simply the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome and anything BEYOND the MED is wasteful”


So that being said as I end week 1 2017 I will be reviewing these (3) areas in my life and with a bold Sharpie , editing them , making them closer to the (MED)..closer to my goal




Stay tuned and remember #beaAnomaly


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