Growth Mindset,the Matrix, Agent Smith and YOU


Matrix background

Taking the #RedPill opens our eyes to what is possible and the absolute fact that the future is truly bendable

So why then are so many unable to achieve success and break totally free of the Matrix?

I can only speak from experience , my own…

The Matrix seriously wishes to re insert you back

back into a Fixed Mindset,

how? Once ones eyes are opened you say?


Agent Smith is actually #Theresistence or #LizardBrain

and he toils relentlessly in his pursuit of us

Agent Smith is never going to stop, never going to give up- Are YOU??

Find your Mentor, its essential we each find our #Morpheus

Accepting it is a never ending battle is step 1!

Embracing this as fact is step 2

Resolving ourselves to “Training” is step 3

we need to surround ourselves with our own Zion Defense force because we will have days we need them



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